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2014 - 2015 Caring Campaign: Celebrating 25 Years!

House #70. Wow. When I think back twenty-four years ago to 1990, we were starting our first house just about this time of year. We finished that house in May, 1991, and then took another year to complete the next home.

House #70 is just across the street from that second house. It’s almost as if we’ve come full circle.

It’s great to look back at our accomplishments and very fulfilling to know we have provided housing for over 300 individuals during this past 24 years. But it’s also very humbling to realize there is still much work ahead of us. Housing and rental costs are becoming even more of an issue than they were in 1990.

We receive calls almost every day from folks who are in desperate need of a better housing situation.

Won’t you help us as we begin building the next 70 homes? It’s an incredible time in the life of our affiliate. More and more is happening each and every day. We could use your help as a volunteer on the worksite, on a committee or in the ReStore. We are committed to being good stewards of your donation (and WV tax credits are available if your donation is $500 or more).

Contact us to get started. You can be an important part of our future!

NIP Tax Credits have arrived!

We’ve received more than usual this year, so we’re excited to let you know WV taxpayers may donate $500 or more and receive half of the amount back in tax credits. This saves that much on your 2014 taxes, and helps us build houses at the same time! We love tax credits!

St. Andrews United Methodist Youth Group raised all the money for the doorknobs in our most recent house, by collecting $250 through our Dollars for Doorknobs campaign.
St. Andrews St. Andrews

Lemley House, #65

Lemley House

Carns Family

Carns Family

Larry Holdren presented Alvin with $2,500 from Peoples Bank for our solar generator project.

Holdren Presents

Marietta College students volunteered at a recent home build.

College Students

General construction

General Construction
What is Habitat?

What is Habitat? Watch to hear from our biggest cheerleaders – our homeowners! If you’d like to sponsor a house, contact via contact form. Thank you for your support!

Click image below to view the video.

What is Habitat for Humanity What is Habitat for Humanity?
100 Holes For Habitat!

Golfers! Would you like to play 100 Holes in one day? We’re planning 100 Holes for Habitat, a Golf Marathon at Worthington Golf Course, on September 25. For more information, please contact via contact form. West Virginia Central Credit Union is sponsoring, and only the strong will survive…

Destination Design
Destination Design Logo

Join us for our next Destination Design, coming April 10, 2015. More details to come!

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Contact us for more information

Current Projects

Due to varied work sites, please call the office at 304-422-7907 to get current information about the exact work locations.

We ALWAYS need your help. Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Mary Townsend, at 304/422-7907, or contact Mary Townsend via contact form.

A signed Release and Waiver of Liability is required of all Habitat Construction Volunteers, whether completed onsite, or mailed to:

Wood County Habitat for Humanity
Attention: Mary Townsend, Volunteer Coordinator
P.O. Box 462
Parkersburg, WV 26102

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